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New Age Ayurveda Treatment

Quick & Effective

  • Reduce osteophytes (thorn like structure on the bone)
  • Chondroprotection with natural herbs
  • Root cause reversal and regeneration of cartilage
  • Reduce dependency on painkillers, Avoid surgery in 95% of the patient
  • No side effects
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Health Conditions

Healing a Range of Medical Challenges

Plantar Fasciitis
Achilles Tendinitis
Heel Spurs
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Padmaja Davdekar, 70
Ram Avatar Sharma, 72
Meena Rathore, 60
Recently 4 months back I had an injury in the heel and was not getting low, my friend recommended me about Pravaayu. I visited the clinic and they told me about some home remedies and also provided me...

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Shloka Birla,34
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Heal your Heel Pain with Ayurveda

What is heel pain? Heel pain refers to discomfort or pain experienced in the heel area, typically at the underside or back of the heel, leading to Heel Pain or Heel Discomfort. It can range from mild to severe and may occur intermittently or persistently. There are also many home…

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Blog imageFeb 16, 2024

Herbal Remedies for Vatakandaka Nature’s Healing Touch

Indroduction: In Ayurveda, plantar fasciitis is referred to as Vatakandaka, and it is believed to result from the vitiation of Vata, which governs body and mind movements. The vitiation of Vata, along with other doshas and dhatus, leads to sharp, stinging pain in the heel of the foot. Here is…

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QWhat Ayurvedic remedies are recommended for conditions like plantar fasciitis or heel spurs?
QIs Ayurvedic treatment suitable for individuals with heel pain resulting from inflammatory conditions like gout or rheumatoid arthritis?
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